Super Rally 2019


Super Rally® video part 3

After watching the third (and final) part of our SR-videos you'll know what happened. Did Mr. Väinämöinen find his fiancee Aino?


The 69 Eyes on the main stage on Saturday, June 8th

Founded in 1989 in Helsinki, The 69 Eyes started as a Glam metal band. Nowadays, their style is described more as gothic rock or "Goth'n'Roll". The unmistakable style of the ... More »

Super Rally® video part 2

Mr. Väinämöinen continues his journey towards Super Rally® 2019.



On the main stage on Friday, June 7 - Amorphis!

The Super Rally® program team is giving its best. On Friday, the metal band Amorphis will perform on the main stage. The band is currently one of the most successful ... More »

Video: Väinämöinen, also shown as the Super Rally® 2019 logo, on his way to the event

The Super Rally® 2019 logo (titled "Väinämöinen perkele!") represents deep Finnishness and exudes the local folklore tradition. In addition, the character oozes the bearded genre familiar from Harley-Davidson circles, and ... More »

June 6th: Michael Monroe on Main Stage

Super Rally® 2019 the main performer of Thursday, June 6th will be Michael Monroe.

Michael Monroe is one of the most famous Finnish rock musicians. From beginning of eighties and ... More »

The FH-DCE Super Rally® 2019 marketing team on move

Just before the start of ticket and accommodation sales Super Rally will be marketed at the Harley-Davidson 115th anniversary event in Prague. H-DCF will have their own visible stand ... More »

Program is being updated

Search for Super Rally® performers is currently underway.


The skilled program workgroup is working hard to attract for our enjoyment a versatile and high-quality selection of bands and other ... More »

Preparations for Super Rally® are well underway

The public is curious to learn what 2019 FH-DCE Super Rally® has on offer.


On behalf of the organising committee I can say that we are working tirelessly. One ... More »